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About the Director

Amanda Highley Gallegos

Director of Wonderland Workshops

              Amanda Highley Gallegos is the director of Wonderland Workshops, and also teaches the camps, directs the parties, and paints the murals. She has 25 years of experience creating, teaching, and learning about art. She started selling her art at age 15. Since then, art has always been part of her life in some form or another, whether professionally or through her own experimentation in her studio. The highlight of her career as an artist is working with children. In 2003 upon the recommendation of some friends she began teaching summer art camps. Through personal references the workshops have become a great success and the ideas flourish year after year. Since the decline of art as a subject in schools, there is a greater need for many children to have a creative outlet and to be exposed to many different aspects of art, such as photography, fine art, dance, and music. The summer art camps integrate all of these as enrichment for kids of all ages. 

Highlights from her resume: 

- 1985  Certificate in Art from University of London

- 1986  Marketing and communications positions in Holland

- 1996  Owner of retail stores in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Colorado Springs

- 1999-2002  Elementary School Teacher

-  2016  Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education 

- 2003-2017 Artist, and teacher at Wonderland Workshops

- 2019 - Art endorsement K-12 art education

- 2017- currently teaching at Bandelier Elementary School


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Tel: (505) 573-2626

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