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Mixed Media Extravaganza
Unleash your child's inner artist at Wonderland Workshops upcoming camp...

By registering for this event, I understand that participation in the above activities is not hazardous for the students. However, I acknowledge the potential risk of harm or injury that may occur as a result of my child’s participation. I hereby release Wonderland Workshops, Amanda Gallegos, and their heirs, assigns, or agents from any liability, costs, or damages resulting from my child's participation in this activity. Additionally, I give my consent for emergency treatment for my child if necessary, following all attempts to notify me, and I agree to accept responsibility for any costs related to this emergency treatment.

Thanks for registering. Check your email for payment link..

About Us


Since 2005, Wonderland Workshops has been a hub of creativity in Albuquerque, offering a wide range of art-related experiences for all ages. Discover the artist within by taking one of our classes, or hire us to create the perfect mural for your space. Exciting summer camps are now available! Check out our camp options for July and join the fun.

Amanda Highley Gallegos

Director of Wonderland Workshops

Amanda Highley Gallegos is the dynamic director of Wonderland Workshops, where she also leads camps, directs parties, and paints murals. With 25 years of experience in creating, teaching, and exploring art, Amanda's journey began at age 15 when she first started selling her artwork. Since then, art has remained a constant presence in her life, whether through professional endeavors or personal studio experimentation.

A significant highlight of Amanda's artistic career is her work with children of all ages. In 2003, encouraged by friends, she started teaching summer art camps. Through word-of-mouth, these workshops have flourished, growing in popularity and creativity each year. In response to the declining emphasis on art in schools, Amanda's camps offer a vital creative outlet for children, exposing them to a wide range of artistic disciplines, including photography, fine art, dance, and music. The summer art camps provide enriching experiences for kids of all ages, nurturing their creativity and passion for the arts.

Image by Sean Bernstein

Career Highlights of Amanda

  • 1985 Certificate in Art from University of London

  • 1986 Marketing & Communications positions in Holland

  • 1996 Owner of retail stores in Albuquerque, Santa Fe &          Colorado Springs

  • 1999-2002 Elementary School Teacher

  • 2016 Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education 

  • 2003-2017 Artist, and teacher at Wonderland Workshops

  • 2019 Art endorsement K-12 art education

  • 2017 - Current 5th grade teacher at Bandelier Elementary School

  • 2024 Master's Degree in History - with an emphasis in Education

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